Introducing Satiya Amporful, the vibrant force behind Uniquely Global, a captivating store nestled in the heart of downtown Minneapolis. With a childhood shaped by adventures across Japan, Germany, and Korea, Satiya's journey is a tapestry of cultures and experiences. As a third-generation military service member, she embodies a profound love for diversity, culture, and community. Yet, her path was not without its challenges. Returning to the US at 17, Satiya grappled with questions of identity and acceptance. Now, she channels her passion into Uniquely Global, where each product tells a story and celebrates the rich tapestry of our world. Welcome to a space where diversity thrives, cultures intertwine, and community flourishes under Satiya's guiding vision to inspire and unite.
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Think Uniquely & Be Global-minded!!!

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  • Cropped Kente Blazer w/fringed cuffs.

    Made by BPhashions

    IG POST 
  • Empress Cascading Cowry Necklace

    Made by Elai

  • Bolga Basket

    Made by Afia

  • Jogger worn by CARLOS SANTANA


    made by Owusu

  • Cheif

    Walking In Style

    This walking cane has added support on the bottom to navigate those in slippery areas.

    *Procured in Aburi

  • Mother & Daughter duo

    Such an honor working with this family to create fun clothing to each of their taste.

  • Olive Trunk

    Carved to perfection and roasted in the sun for the best finish.

  • CS inspired collection


    Made by Owusu