Satiya C. Amporful

Satiya Amporful
As the Lead Designer and Founder of Uniquely Global, Satiya is driven by a profound passion for diversity and inclusion, fervently believing that everyone deserves to revel in the beauty and ingenuity of diverse cultures. Recognizing the real impact of cultural appropriation, she is acutely aware of its potential to corrode cultural integrity, fracture community trust, and perpetuate systemic inequalities—a reality that could jeopardize the long-term sustainability and reputation of any enterprise.

With a vision to kindle cultural awareness through fashion, interior decor, and shared experiences of cultural exploration, Satiya envisions Uniquely Global as a conduit for celebrating and honoring the richness of global heritage. Committed to delivering not just products but an enriching educational customer experience, Uniquely Global offers a range of procurement services, catering to both businesses and retail shoppers—from wholesale purchasing to bespoke creations. Our specialty lies in curating unique, exquisite, and one-of-a-kind products, ensuring that every encounter with Uniquely Global is a journey of discovery and appreciation for the diversity that enriches our world.
Our Company Culture
UG endeavors to cultivate an environment conducive to embracing diverse individuals who bring varying styles, perspectives, and cultural backgrounds, recognizing that each person contributes uniquely to the collective. Furthermore, UG is committed to providing comprehensive cross-cultural education opportunities and implementing robust training and standards of work to ensure that everyone has equitable access to resources and opportunities for growth.

Our Values:

  • Transparency : Uniquely Global LLC upholds transparency not only with its products but among the staff. We want individuals to be honest and open when communicating with team members. We strive to create a healthy environment through transparency among our staff members
  • Leadership : Uniquely Global LLC encourages and empowers individuals to take initiative and accountability in the everyday work environment. We strive for excellence in customer support, individual differences, and to champion each employee to achieve their path.
  • Ingenuity : Uniquely Global LLC prides itself on creativity and giving free reign to its team/staff members to produce unique ideas, solutions, encourages individuality, and diverse talent
  • Collaborative : Uniquely Global LLC aims to collaborate with individuals in various career sectors. We are cross-cultural minded and excited to work with new brands and artists