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Multi-colored Traditional Kente (Purple, White, Fuchsia, Gold) 3pcs

Multi-colored Traditional Kente (Purple, White, Fuchsia, Gold) 3pcs

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This is a beautiful traditional handwoven Kente cloth from Bonwire, Ghana. It has unique eye-catching woven fabric. It is full of vibrant colors, 100% cotton, to suit every style!

Kente cloth which is a type of silk and cotton fabric made of interwoven cloth strips is the royal and sacred cloth of the Ashantis in the Republic of Ghana.

The men's cloth is larger than that of the women. This prestigious cloth is worn during important functions like Engagements, Weddings, Graduations and any other important event.

The fabric can be used for all types of crafts and dress making for both causal and special occasions.

Handwoven Kente comes in these traditional sizes:
1. STRIP (4 inch X 60 inch) - used as scarfs, making designs, for caps, crafts.
2. FEMALE SIZE (5 - 6 yards) - not necessarily for women dresses but according to the yards will accommodate female traditional wear.
3. MALE SIZE (10 - 12 yards) - as king's cloth. Each piece measures 64 inches long x 42 inches wide.


- Dry cleaning recommended but can be hand washed or machine washed with a very mild detergent and cold water

- Do not bleach

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